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Savvy Buyer Behavior

Data from the national association of realtors confirmed that the housing market is cooling off and inventory is finally increasing. This presents opportunity for savvy buyers, but rates and uncertainty have many consumers still sitting waiting on the sidelines… You know who isn’t waiting right now? Real estate investors. When rates go up or there is uncertainty in the market, most consumers choose to wait, and this presents opportunities for savvy investors who come in and scoop up better deals since the bidding wars have finally stopped. Then, when the rates drop, they simply refinance into a lower rate and payment and increase their cash flow. If you’re waiting for rates to drop before you buy your dream home, you’re waiting for everyone else to also jump back into the market and restart the bidding wars. Savvy buyers can find opportunity when no one else is looking, and with our new down payment assistance grants, there should be no reason to wait! More on that to come next week! Give us a call to see how you can buy your dream home today!