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What Impacts Your Mortgage Rates?


We’re gonna talk about what impact your mortgage rate and how you can take advantage. It’s important to understand that the interest rate that lenders will offer you are based off the amount of risk associated with the loan. That’s right. It’s no secret that your credit score plays a role in how much risk a lender takes on, which is why we have a free program to let you know how you could quickly improve your score in just as little as 1 week. Get that credit score right! Save money! Another big factor that impacts your rate is the equity that you have in your home. The more equity you have, the lower the risk. And with real estate values having gone up so much in the recent year, a lot of home owners are eligible to get a better rate and maybe even lower or eliminate any PMI. And of course there are several other factors which is why It’s important to work with a well trained professional that can help you look at all your options. Curious? Give us a call! Have a great weekend!