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Cash-Out for Holiday Spending


We are quickly approaching the holiday season! It’s the time for cheer, it’s the time for joy, and its the time for overspending on gifts, dinner, and holiday events! We have the solution this year as rates remain at historic lows to maximize your cash flow during the season of giving! A cash out refinance can help you cover the holiday costs and eliminate the financial stress. We can close in less than 30 days and the money can be in your account before credit card payments are due! And even if you don’t have the equity to take cash out, refinancing to a lower rate can assist in multiple ways. First, you can reduce your mortgage payment by hundreds per month– that’s easy! But in addition to the monthly savings, refinancing also results in a deferred payment so by closing in December, no payment is due in January! Lastly, if you have an escrow account, within 30 days of refinancing, your current lender will send you a check for the full balance of your current escrow account and that money is yours to do WHATEVER you want!