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Cash-Out ReFi for Home Projects



Home buying season should be upon us but inventory is still well below normal. So if you’re not selling, let us show you how to turn your current house into your dream home. Home equity is at an all time high right now and many homeowners have the ability to get cash out for home improvements. Instead of pulling money out of savings, a cash out refinance will allow you access funds from your equity so your home will be paying for itself! The funds go directly to you and you can choose whatever contractors, appliances, and finishes you want. If you’re gonna stick around in it, you may as well love it. New Kitchen, bathroom upgrades, knock down some walls. Hell go all in with a new pool. Its your choice! Personal loans are high interest and even higher payments. Using your home could save you money! Not to mention, whenever the proceeds from a cash out refi go toward home improvements, all the interest is tax deductible at the end of the year!