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Pre-Approval Letters to Stand-Out

Realtors and Home buyers, if you’re looking for ways to give yourself more leverage when submitting an offer on a home, this one’s for you!!! Submitting an offer with a pre-approval letter is standard procedure these days. Most sellers won’t even consider an offer without one but what does that letter actually mean? In most cases, it means you applied for a loan, the loan officer pulled your credit, and they asked for a paystub or two. This gives the seller some indication that you’re a qualified buyer but what if you could give the seller full certainty! That’s where a Verified Approval Letter comes in. This means your practically approved for the financing prior to even making the offer pending just appraisals and inspections. It’s like approaching the table with a cash offer! To get a Verified Approval, we collect all documents and underwrite the loan upfront to give all parties the certainty they need to make and accept an offer. Preparation is key in this market, give us a call to get started today.