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Real Estate as an Investment

We’re going to bring it back to basics today and talk real estate as an investment. Many people seek to buy real estate as a home but it’s important to understand the investment value as well. It’s a volatile market with many blue chip stocks down 20-30% on the year, crypto tanking, and most investments struggling to break even. The same cannot be said for real estate where almost every market in America continues to see above average gains. Think about it this way, real estate enables you to use leverage to multiply your gains. If you put 25k into a stock and that stock goes up by 10%, you’ve earned yourself a dandy $2500 bucks. But in real estate, let’s say you put 5% down on a 500,000 house, that’s a $25k investment. Then let’s say that home appreciates by 10%, well you just earned a cool 50 G’s with a 200% return on your investment. Yes, there is a monthly payment but you’re going to pay to live regardless, may as well pay your own mortgage, not someone else’s. Give us a call to get the best return on your home purchase.