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Home Inventory Increasing

Alright it is Friday and some promising news just dropped today as announced that active listings for homes jumped almost 20% in June nationwide. When more homeowners are looking to sell, opportunities present themselves! Also, Important note: mortgage rates dipped this week so strike while the iron is hot. But regardless of what happens to rates, more inventory should minimize bidding wars and shift us away from a seller’s market to more of an even playing field as sellers fear missing out on the peak of the real estate market and try to cash in to then upgrade their homes. Remember that rates will continue to fluctuate, so if you buy when inventory rises, you can negotiate a better deal and when rates drop, you can refi to lower your rate and payment. And you guessed it, you can then apply that savings towards extra principal every month to pay the house off faster. Use your 4th of July weekend wisely and give us a call to talk through your options so if you see an opportunity, you’re ready to claim it!