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Tips for an Accepted Offer

The real estate market has done the unthinkable – It’s gotten even harder! Multiple offers remain the norm with an estimated 60% of all offers turning to a bidding war! So here are a few tips to help you get your offer accepted:

1. Get pre-approved before you offer – Sellers are also typically buyers and they need certainty that their home will sell so they can buy their next home. A full pre-approval is the closest thing to a cash offer!

2. Find a great realtor – You need someone on your side of the negotiating table. An experienced realtor will not only work to find your dream house, they will work to ensure you get your dream house!

3. Show intent with your earnest money – Again, sellers want to know you’re serious. The earnest money deposit is put down at the time of the offer as skin in the game. Money talks and a larger deposit can be the certainty sellers want

These are just a few quick tips but there’s so much more. Give us a call today!