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Lowest Rates Since September!

The FED keeps hiking but mortgage rates have fallen to the lowest levels since September! With mixed signals, we don’t know how long this will last but rates droping opens up money saving opportunities for tons of homeowners who purchased in the second half of 2022. Through refinancing, you can reduce your monthly payment by hundreds, reduce or eliminate PMI, and even come out with thousands in cash through deferred payments, escrow refunds, and cash back at closing! The best part – its less documentation and most close in 3 weeks or less. We specialize in no-cost refinances to save you more by using the banks money to cover all closing costs. In the old days, the “rule of thumb” said you have to drop at least 1% on the rate to make sense but they also charged exorbitant fees. But if it costs you nothing, even just a half a percent drop can save you thousands per year! Most people don’t know you can refinance this quickly! If you bought late last year, give us a call today to see how much you can save!