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3 Steps to Improve Your Credit Score

As we head into the homebuying season, it’s important to note that your credit scores play a huge role in getting you the best deal on a home. Here’s a few quick tips to improve your scores besides making your payments on time:

  1. Avoid unnecessary credit cards – Don’t fall for the small discount at the register by opening a store account. Your credit is worth way more than that 10% discount and could cost you dearly on a 30 year mortgage
  2. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks – too often we see small bills like a medical co-pay get sent to collections and a collection can cost your credit up to 80 points on your score
  3. Lastly – keep your credit utilization low – you’ll want to keep your credit card balances below 30% of the credit limit. Anything higher can ding your scores significantly

Improving your credit will improve the terms of your loan. Don’t take it lightly!