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Using the Equity in Your Home

With home prices jumping up, Market Watch just reported that untapped home equity has hit a record high in the last 2 weeks If you have a bunch of equity just sitting there in your home, it’s the same thing as having a pile of cash just sitting under your mattress… very old school… Here are some ways you can put your equity to work for you.

#1. Pay off higher interest debts. Consolidating debts can free up more cash every month and allow you to take those savings and invest them or pay your house off even faster.

#2. Buy more investments. Build more wealth. From investment properties to stocks, crypto, NFT’s… whatever your poison is, if you can borrow money for cheap and make a higher rate of return, don’t let it sit.

#3. Invest in Home improvements and additions that will increase your property value. If a $30,000 renovation can increase your value by $50k, why wouldn’t you put that equity to work.

Talk to a professional and get some advice. It takes 2 minutes to pull up loan options. Don’t wait!!!